Free Rock and Pop Assembly for Your School

“The assembly was fantastic. The children were so enthused by it and pupils and staff got fully involved!”

Head Teacher

Free Assembly

How it Works

The free iRock music assembly is an inspirational 30-minute taster, where a professional musician will perform popular songs while also providing pupils with a chance to build a real-life band on stage. This showcases our forward-thinking teaching methods and demonstrates how children can perform in a band in just a few minutes!

“One of the most uplifiting and exciting events we have held in school.”

Head Teacher

“The iRock coaches are always super encouraging and supportive of the children which shows in the confidence they develop over a term.”

Class Teacher

“Awesome - the children and staff were blown away: everyone wants to be a rock star!”

Head Teacher

During the assembly, you will see first-hand how iRock will help increase engagement with music in your school and boost your pupils' well-being and confidence. There is no obligation to host any further services, as this is a chance for you to see iRock in action! If iRock is something you would like to consider for your school, a letter can be supplied and distributed to parents to register their interest.

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My daughter just had her first concert and it was the most amazing thing ever!!!! She had such a great time and her face of happiness was unbelievable!!!

Proud Parent of student enrolled in iRock lessons

On a mission to spread confidence

We are Launching in your Area!

iRock provides an enriching and exciting peripatetic music provision for primary schools, giving children a chance to learn an instrument in their very own rock and pop band!

iRock works with hundreds of schools all over the country and teaches tens of thousands of children every single week! Our mission is to positively impact children's futures through music education.

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It's all about the music

How iRock can benefit your school

iRock offers a revolutionary music education program aimed at boosting children's confidence and wellbeing through a unique, exam-free qualification in partnership with RSL. The program emphasizes personal growth, creative expression, and academic skills enhancement in a supportive environment, providing various funding options, including a bursary scheme, to ensure it is accessible to all students.

Boost confidence & wellbeing
iRock offers a unique music education experience, designed to enhance children's confidence and wellbeing. Our program encourages personal growth and creative expression in a supportive and safe environment.
Revolutionising Music Education
iRock offers a unique, exam-free qualification in partnership with RSL, global provider of qualifications in the creative and performing arts. Children are assessed through lesson observations and performances, making achievements accessible and celebrating progress in a supportive environment.
Parent-Funded with Options for Schools
While primarily funded by parents, iRock provides several options for schools interested in sponsoring the program, ensuring music education is accessible to all students.
Bursary Scheme for Inclusive Access
iRock offers a bursary space in every school, funded by iRock, to support children who might not otherwise afford this opportunity.
Boosting Academic Skills
iRock's curriculum enhances key life skills like resilience and teamwork, directly supporting academic growth and readiness for future challenges.
Increase Music Engagement
iRock's innovative band lessons invite a wider audience of students to experience the joy and benefits of music education, breaking away from traditional constraints and making music accessible to all.
Fostering Teamwork Through Music
Participating in iRock band lessons teaches students the value of teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect, essential skills for personal and professional success.
Dedicated Band Coaches and Cover Support
Our band coaches are professional musicians deeply committed to their schools, delivering exceptional music education with their expertise and passion. If a dedicated band coach is unavailable, our cover teachers step in, maintaining continuity and ensuring that every child continues to receive an enriching musical education without interruption.

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