In-school rock and pop purple underline Band Lessons from iRock

iRock is trusted by hundreds of primary schools all over the UK, providing thousands of children the opportunity to be in their own rock and pop band. Under the guidence of an iRock music teacher, children rehearse weekly in the lead up to end of term concerts. Lessons are designed to be totally inclusive and we offer children an exam free qualification to celebrate and reward their achievements. Lessons not only increase children's interest in music, they can help develop invaluable life skills which in turn help their overall academic success.
Build Confidence

Developing young, confident individuals

Our in-school rock and pop band lessons provide an amazing confidence boosting experience for children by making music fun and giving them a platform where they can truly express themselves. See your child's confidence and well being grow as they take to the stage and perform in their very own end of term shows.

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Foster Creativity

Letting each child shine

Unleash your child's creativity and confidence by playing an instrument in a band. Learning songs, arrangements and building up to playing shows and concerts in front of audiences. With band sizes never exceeding nine members and with full hands-on teaching from our professional musician coaches, each child receives individual attention that allows them to shine.

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Learning Teamwork

As a band, students learn to communicate and help eachother

Being a part of a band isn't just about learning how to play an instrument. Learning how to work together, as a team, is what playing in a band is all about.

... and not just a band, team work is a core value that underpins the development of any young person and helps set them up for later life.

irock in-school band

Choosing an Instrument

iRock bands have between three and nine members and each are made up from combinations of Electric Guitars, Drums, Keyboards and Vocals.

irock coach helping a student on keyboard
irock coach helping a student on keyboard
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In-school band lessons that are fun, creative and affordable

Our weekly 30 minute band sessions happen within the school day. We look after everything and even supply all of the instruments. It could not be easier. Band members are grouped by similar ages and year groups. Band sizes are capped at nine to ensure everyone receives the very best learning experience. We create an environment where every child can flourish.


Reception - Year 6
(Depending on the school)


Sep. 01 - Jul. 31
(Depending on school holidays)


Monday - Friday
(Once a week during lessons)

Band sizes

Up to 9 students per band
(All similar year groups)

How Children Benefit from iRock

Gives Confidence
Boosts Wellbeing
Improves Memory
Develops Academic Progress
Creates New Friendships
Supports Teamwork
Develops Social Skills
irock students on guitar
music notes

Confidence never purple underline sounded so Good